Venture | Dairy

We build sustainable, thriving dairy enterprises

to support healthy, prosperous communities in emerging economies

With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the demand for environmentally sustainable high nutrient food is increasing. We believe smallholder dairies have yet to reach their potential. Many smallholder farms are underutilized and have remarkable economic potential. 

venture | dairy works with a proven farming model that enhances the lives of smallholder dairy farmers in emerging economies, moving them from subsistence to enterprise-based farming.

Our approach

Modern farming management

We bring the best of modern dairy farming practices, based on many years of experience in emerging economies. It starts with management. We teach and train by showing farmers how to move from subsistence farming to enterprise-based farming.

Access to capital

With our own investment experience and our relationships with the larger world of impact investors we prepare economic analysis, business plans and risk evaluations in order to find the most appropriate way of bringing access to capital to these entrepreneurs.

Franchise Farming Model

We provide a proven prescriptive farming model and we show farmers how to grow the appropriate forages, how to balance a ration, how to analyze nutrients. And we train extension specialists enabling them to assist farmers.

Route to formal markets

With relationships with many of the world’s top players in the dairy industry, from milk processors to equipment manufacturers, and bespoke market knowledge we develop routes to markets for dairy products including brand preparation.

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