Our approach

Appropriate technical interventions that address the core inefficiencies in the dairy supply chain will greatly improve milk production and achieve economic sustainability. We partner with cooperatives, existing smallholder farmers, milk processors NGOs, and investors to build sustainable, thriving dairy enterprises.

Our proven model

Franchise Farming Model

Economic Farm Units

Farmers in today’s world need to have Economic Farming Units, that provide a farming family with an income that allows them to move from subsistence to enterprise-based farming.

Assisted by extension officers

Farmers need the support of qualified extension officers who can bring them all that is needed for their farming success.

Connected to formal markets

Farmers need to have a seamless and transparent link to formal markets through responsible milk processors who will respect and value their milk supply base.

Our services


We have a team of experts, that work with you to undertake feasibility study(ies), set up Economic Farming Units, improve supply chain management, animal nutrition and animal well fare.

Economic Farming Units

We provide a proven prescriptive farming model and show farmers how to grow appropriate forages, balance a ration, and how to analyze nutrients. Enabling them to move towards enterprise-based farming.


We give technical and management training and bring the best of modern dairy farming practices. We train dairy farmers and also extension specialists enabling them to assist farmers.

Preparing for investment

We prepare economic analysis, business plans and risk evaluations in order to find the most appropriate way of bringing access to capital. And work with impact investors to deliver financial packages to business in the dairy supply chain.

Setting up the value chain

We develop a complete value chain from setting up Economic Farming Units, designing and building processing plants with appropriate dairy technology companies to setting up markets for high quality milk products.

Access to our network

We will bring into any consultancy arrangement our worldwide network of the top players in the dairy industry, to which we have unique relationships. These include business, academia and finance.

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