Baukje Kleinbekman

“A dairy girl at heart and due to my international work I am very aware of the food industry stepping away from nutritious food since decades. I feel the urgency to accelerate towards a sound attitude to production and distribution.”

Baukje has over twentyfive years of experience in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries of which many in the dairy industry (consumer, hospitality and export) and in emerging economies. She assists international organisations with developing business models to create long term impact. Baukjes knowledge of production techniques, processes and logistics combined with an engineering mindset and her instinct for what can work (and what will be the weakest link) enables her to translate organisations abstract thoughts and ideas and connect those to (future) consumer needs.

Most impactful business models were in Ethiopia and Uganda where she developed strategies with young professionals to make local NGOs more sustainable. Her wish to support many more young people in emerging economies in realizing their professional dreams, resulted in an online kickstarter course for aspirational entrepreneurs to develop their initial idea towards a business.

Giving perspective and making others see that it can be done if you break down problems into smaller tasks is good fun for Baukje. She truly enjoys seeing aha moments  followed by action when people see opportunity. 

Looking forward to assist with

  • Analysing business strategy to align activities
  • Marketing strategies for growth
  • (re) new products, services and partnerships
  • Concept development
  • Strategic activity plans
  • Capacity development non-marketing executives
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