Dave Kuehnel

“I believe that we are blessed with resources to feed the human race, and I am driven to help harness them in the most efficient way possible. Those of us who know how to produce food have a responsibility to help improve our systems, for our own kids and grandkids at the very least.” 

Dave’s farming experience started early on his family’s diversified farm operation in eastern Wisconsin.  Growing up in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic family prepared him for working across many different cultures and formed the foundation for appreciating cultural differences and wanting to improve lives by helping to produce more and better food for people around the world.

Following graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Meat and Animal Science, Dave continued to fuel his calling and has made dairy and young animal nutrition and management his career for 40 years. Leveraging his love for opening doors and opening minds, he successfully grew the young animal nutrition business for a Fortune 200 company before launching his own international business development consulting company in 2019. With his strong technical dairy experience (on-farm and production plant) he now helps organizations to inspire and assist livestock owners to achieve their greatest potential.

Dave has proven himself to be a high-energy, demonstrated leader, engaging public speaker, and effective organizational manager with proven international business development skills. 

Looking forward to assist with

  • Strategy and Product development
  • Market opportunities
  • Continuous improvement of farm / plant operations
  • Waste reduction
  • Problem resolution & Technology applications
  • Team and leadership development
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