Franchise Farming Model

venture | dairy works with a proven Farming Model: Economic Farm Units with support of qualified extension officers and connected to formal markets. This Farming Model enhances the lives of smallholder dairy farmers in emerging economies, moving them from subsistence to enterprise-based farming.

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Benefits of the model

  • Improved quality and traceability of milk.
  • Improved farmer income because they can charge more for a premium product.
  • Income that also provides employment for others.
  • Less work for the family (don't need to walk cows to pastures, faster milking). More kids can go to school.
  • Better animal welfare:.clean corrals, shade, shelter from rain, freedom of movement, ability to lie down and eat at will.
  • Much better calf survival.
  • Tested for antibiotics, bacteria and antibiotics.
  • Machine milked with sanitary procedures.
  • Refrigerated shortly after milking to lower bacterial growth and extend shelf life.
  • Teat dipping before and after milking.
  • Protocols for antibiotic use and withdrawal times.
  • Lower carbon footprint per liter of milk.
  • Methane production for water heating and fuel for machinery.
  • Manage manure as a nutrient for forage crops. Sequester carbon in the soil. Reduce need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Sustainable system where manure grows forage that cows eat and produce manure with.
  • Potential to develop cloud-based software tools to help manage cows better and to allow farmers to get more prompt payment for milk.
  • Use of sexed semen, avoiding unnecessary losses of bull calves to the beef market.
  • Potential to recycle byproducts such as ground nut cake, distillers' grains, cotton seed, etc. into high quality protein for people (milk, cheese, beef).
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