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venture | dairy is a team of experts, passionate about bringing change to the problems in dairy economies in emerging markets. We address these problems in a number of ways bringing deep skills, experience and cultural understanding to make long term sustainable change through our disruptive and proven farming model.

Trevor Tomkins

Dairy value chain | Milk processing plant management

Expertise in worldwide dairy industry, its value chains and the major players. In depth knowledge and experience of the dairy industry in developing economies including East Africa and India. Founder of venture | dairy

Mike Drennan

Acquisitions & Merges | Dairy value chain

Expertise in finance in worldwide dairy industry. Specialised in transforming small-holder dairy operations in emerging markets towards enterprises with investment potential. Co-founder of venture | dairy.

Shashi Kumar

Economic Farming Unit | CEO Akshayakalpa

Expertise in design and implementation of decentralized farming models. Knowledge of income generation models, value addition to agriculture produce at source of production and sustainable economic instruments.

Walter Guterbock, DVM, MS

Dairy farm management | Animal health

Expertise in practical dairy management, including nutrition, calf raising, milk quality, disease prevention, animal welfare, nutrient management, and the organization of work for efficiency and efficacy.

Frank Kipkirui

Supply Chain Management | Business Model innovation

Expertise in industrial manufacturing operations, milk processing technology, plant engineering and design, technology applications, sales and business development. Knowledge of renewable energy applications and e-commerce technology applications.

Elisa Tumino-Van Amburgh

Food Product Development

Expertise in milk and cheese quality and dairy product development. Knowledge of DOP registration and food safety compliance required for U.S. and E.U. markets.

Doug Smith

Agricultural entrepreneurism | Policy and development

Expertise in business and government sectors, human rights and global leadership accelerators. Knowledge of livestock-based NGOs and social enterprise.

Dave Kuehnel

Continuous improvement | Ideation | Team development

Technical dairy expertise in on-farm and production plant operations including problem resolutions and technology application. Enjoys opening doors and minds.

Baukje Kleinbekman

Strategic marketing | Brand development

Expertise in analysing and simplifying current business strategy. Specialised in developing marketing & business strategy and in (re)newing product, concept, service or partners to accelerate business.

Mike Van Amburgh

Nutrition | Dairy farm management

Expertise in ruminant nutrition, forage and feed chemistry, dairy cattle management throughout the lifecycle, nutrient management and financial decision making on dairy farms.

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