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Trevor Tomkins, co-founder of Venture | Dairy (l) and Shashi Kumar, Co-founder of Akshayakalpa (r) during visit to one of the farmers

About venture | dairy

Our Mission is to build sustainable, thriving dairy enterprises 
to support healthy, prosperous communities in emerging economies.

venture | dairy is a team of qualified professionals who have spent their careers in and around the dairy industry world wide. All passionate about bringing change to the problems in dairy economies in emerging markets. We address these problems by bringing deep skills, experience, and cultural understanding to make long term sustainable change. Through our disruptive and proven business model, built on the success of the ‘Akshayakalpa Model’ in India. 

Founded in 2012, venture | dairy  began with the vision of Dr. Trevor Tomkins. As CEO of Milk Specialties Global, he traveled  extensively and witnessed first-hand the challenges facing smallholder dairy farmers in emerging economies. It inspired him to put experience and connections in the dairy industry to work thus improving livelihoods of smallholder dairy enterprises in emerging economies.

Our fundamental beliefs

The world will only have harmony of community, economic prosperity for all and food security when farming is carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Dairy production and milk as a nutritional source are the backbone of so much of the emerging economies.

Smallholder farmers, both women and men, can move beyond subsistence farming when they have access to knowhow and technology, access to capital and access to formal markets.

Dairy processors in developing economies need to move beyond a harvesting model from their supply chain and become involved in its development.

venture | dairy has developed a proven business model that enhances the lives of smallholder dairy farmers in emerging economies.

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